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Conspiracy BS #16: Holocaust Deniers by Titanicfan1000 Conspiracy BS #16: Holocaust Deniers :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 11 28 Milton Friedman: Champion of Freedom by Titanicfan1000 Milton Friedman: Champion of Freedom :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 3 2 Silly Fidel! by Titanicfan1000 Silly Fidel! :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 13 10
Titanicfan1000's Reaganite Plan
With so many fiscal issues to deal with, I’ve decided to make a plan for trying to balance the budget and fix this bad economy in our current state in November 2013.
Supply-Side Tax Cuts
Looking at the history of tax cuts in 1921, 1964, 1981, and 1997 we know that tax cuts have worked before in American history and we need them now. At the same time, we can eliminate some rates to get rid of a complex tax system. A tax system that looks like this (for singles):
1. 10%  ($0 - $8,025)
2. 15% ($8,926 - $36,250)
3. 25% ($36,251 - $87,850)
4. 28% ($87,851 - $183,250)
5. 33% ($183,251 - $398,350)
6. 35% ($398,351 - $400,000)
7. 39.6% ($400,001+)
Can instead be:
1. 10% ($0 - $40,000)
2. 25% ($40,001 - $199,999)
3. 30% ($200,000+)
Reducing the complex seven rates to three simple rates reforms the IRS and the tax code benefits all of the American people. These are obviously not the only tax rates to deal with because we also need to cut the capital gains tax, the corporate tax
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 3 14
Alternate Voting System: 1912 by Titanicfan1000 Alternate Voting System: 1912 :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 20 Alternate Voting System: 1860 by Titanicfan1000 Alternate Voting System: 1860 :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 2 0
The Myth of Chinese Dominance
You can't go anywhere today without people talking about the rise of the People's Republic of China. Ever since President Richard Nixon opened relations with China decades ago, its economy has expanded at a very fast pace and has the largest population of all countries. Because of this, the mainstream media and several economists predict that China will soon overtake the United States and became the most dominant power in the entire world. However, those who believe so I have no understanding of what is happening in China and likely no little about the economics there. Several socialist fans who see China as the repressed market that will finally defeat the western free market capitalist nations will have to wait a little longer, because it is not doing to happen.
First, I want to counter the complains many people make that China has been taking more and more manufacturing jobs and are holding ever other nation at ransom by controlling most of the world's production. I don't know how p
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 8 42
Social Security or Private Retirement?
Social Security as we know it is on its last stand as it becomes bankrupt and no longer provides guaranteed support to our elders and disabled people. While it may have seemed nice back when it was first created in 1935 by Franklin Roosevelt, it is now becoming very dangerous. Entitlements in total make up over 60 percent of the government's spending. It will just keep growing and growing as more and more people retire. Something must be done before its too late. [1]
The best option is obvious and that would be to privatize Social Security into private retirement accounts. Not for everyone immediately obviously. Those at 60 and over would have to stay the course, but for younger people we have so much potential to change this mess and save their retirements. In order to find out if private retirement accounts are better than social security, we have to find out if private retirement offers the same or better rates of return for people so they get more or the same money.
As a historical
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 2 33
The Tragedy of the S.S. Social Security
On a beautiful August day in 1935, thousands of people came out to see the brand new ocean liner at the dock in the city of USA. It was called the S.S. Social Security, a brand new vessel for people who wanted to enjoy a nice retirement. Crowds cheered as the first passengers  boarded the Social Security. The captain and owner, Franklin Roosevelt, made a speech about how great it was that a many people wanted to take part on the maiden voyage. Fireworks were set off, the band played, people kissed goodbye, and the Social Security steamed out.
The first voyage went well and soon more and more people boarded the new ocean liner. They would prefer to stay on the nice big ocean liner than buy a small private speedboat. Franklin Roosevelt eventually retired and soon the ship was handed to a new captain. Every year more and more people piled aboard the Social Security to go on a voyage. The ship's voyages were booked solid. The crew, mostly made up of younger
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 2 15
Jack the Ripper: So who did it?
There can never be a completely conclusion to the Jack the Ripper murders. There are too many suspects, many of them strong and many of them weak, to find a murderer. However, everyone Ripperologist and detective has their theory to what happened. We must look at the evidence and then analyze who the Ripper may have been.
Many witnesses have said that Jack the Ripper had a mustache and looked like a foreigner. Whitechapel was full of foreigners, mostly Polish people, so these eyewitness reports are very correct. It helps us because we can now look at foreigners like Aaron Kosminski and George Chapman. British people like James Maybrick and Montague John Druitt can be ruled out. Both Francis Tumblety and Walter Sickert are not Polish, but they are foreigners.
What about the graffiti after the "double event"? Most of our suspects aren't anti-Semites or have never acted in a way that would suspect they were. It is very possible this was just a harmless piece of writing that never hurt any
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 1
Jack the Ripper: Women, Writers, and Conspiracies
No crime has so many interesting and strong suspects as the five murders that occured in Whitechapel in 1888, but at the same time no crime has so many foolish and weak suspects as well. This chapter is dedicated to people who should have never become Jack the Ripper suspects and their cases are easily refuted. Its a wonder how they ever became a suspect in the first place.
Since 1888, many people have argued that Jack the Ripper may have actually been Jill the Ripper or in other words a woman. The fact is that there have been some witnesses that have seen the victims with the murderer just minutes before the murder occured and he is easily identified as a man. It is likely not a woman in disguise and there is no evidence to prove such an idea.
Another suspect is the writer of Alice in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll. The possibility that Carroll was the Ripper has been primarily argued by Richard Wallace who wrote a book on the theory in 1996. His theory argues that Carroll actually wrote a
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 0 0
Jack the Ripper: James Maybrick
The final major suspect in the Jack the Ripper case is Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick. Maybrick was part of a family that had been established in Liverpool for many generations. He seemed on the outside to have been a smart and kind gentleman, but there was a building conflict in their Maybrick mansion. He and his wife Florence had several arguments and confrontations that would ultimately lead to his death. The concern that he was Jack the Ripper rose when an interesting diary was found that was no doubt written by him.
The diary arose when in 1992, scrap metal merchant Michael Barrett declared publicly that he owned Jack the Ripper's journal which he claimed to have been given by a friend at a pub the previous year. The diary was linked to James Maybrick and the five murders were described in it. Maybrick refers to his wife as "the bitch" in the diary, who he believed was having an affair with another man. This led Maybrick to go into rage and kill the five prostitutes in W
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 0
Jack the Ripper: Walter Sickert
Another primary Jack the Ripper suspect is the artist Walter Sickert. Sickert had some suspicions of being the murderer of the five women ever since a book was written on the possibility by Stephen Knight in 1976 (although Knight believed Sickert was an accomplice), but he gained massive attention as a Ripper suspect recently when crime writer Patricia Cornwell took an interest in the case. She wrote a book and starred in a documentary on Sickert being Jack the Ripper. Since then, Sickert has become a mainstream suspect in the case, but is he as a suspect as he seems to be?
There are both arguments that Walter Sickert could have been an accomplice and the actual killer. Because this concerns him as a killer, the possibility that he was an accomplice will be discussed briefly in this chapter and further in a later one. Cornwell drove the idea that the German painter was the Ripper when her book on the murders was first published in 2002. Cornwell's hypothesis is that Sickert was driven
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 0
Jack the Ripper: Francis Tumblety
Francis Tumblety, a quack doctor and Abraham Lincoln assassination suspect from the United States first became a major suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders when crime historian Stewart Evans bought some letters that belonged journalist George Sims. One letter, dated back in 1913, was from Chief Inspector John Littlechild. Littlechild was responding to Sims, who had asked if the inspector had known of a "Dr. D" which may have been reference to Montague John Druitt.
In Littlechild's response, he wrote that he never knew of a "Dr. D" but he did know a "Dr. T" who happened to be Dr. Francis Tumblety. Since this suspicion, Tumblety has become one of the strongest suspects in the case. Tumbley became an Indian herb doctor and later and physician. He must have done quite and well because he is one of the richest Jack the Ripper suspects. He even had several opportunities to run for political officed, but declined all of them. His infamy first really starts in Canada when in 1857 he attempte
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 2 4
Jack the Ripper: George Chapman
Since Melville Macnaghten arrived on the Jack the Ripper scene with his three suspects, more names have been put forward as being Jack the Ripper. One such person was Polish-born Severin Klosowski, a suspect put forward by Inspector Frederick George Abberline. Just like any other suspect, Klosowski has several facts and faults for being Jack the Ripper. The first important thing to note about Klosowski is his medical experience. He qualified as a junior surgeon in Poland in 1887 and moved to London later that year where he worked as an assistant barber. In the business he worked in, he had the opportunity to take sharp objects used for shaving and cutting hair.
In October 1889, a year since the murders, Klosowski married Lucy Baderski and worked at a Barber shop in Whitechapel by 1890. It is likely that he had some knowledge of the direction in the district. A year later they moved to Jersey City in the United States where he worked as a barber, but after violent arguing Lucy (now preg
:icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 4
Ordoliberal by Titanicfan1000 Ordoliberal :icontitanicfan1000:Titanicfan1000 1 4


Happy New Year_Lost kingdom by IvanLaliashvili Happy New Year_Lost kingdom :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 2,139 49 Space Engineers_ green plasma field exploration by IvanLaliashvili Space Engineers_ green plasma field exploration :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 633 29
Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!

Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!
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:iconjoeyjazz: JoeyJazz
Good morning Callisto VIII...
Google+ will celebrate its 15th birthday in August 2015. While many online communities have come and gone during the last decade and a half, DeviantArt remains because of our passionate and committed community. In that time, we've celebrated many milestones, and it became apparent we were in need of a place to share our victories and our challenges. And since we want to move toward more complete transparency with the community, what better time to also sho
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,174 3,379
Statist And Anarchist #039: Anarcho-Syndicalism by BlameThe1st Statist And Anarchist #039: Anarcho-Syndicalism :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 26 147 Lormet-Antique-Room-0344-5sml by Lormet-Images Lormet-Antique-Room-0344-5sml :iconlormet-images:Lormet-Images 183 15 Lormet-Antique-Room-0144C-sml by Lormet-Images Lormet-Antique-Room-0144C-sml :iconlormet-images:Lormet-Images 94 3 Lormet-Antique-Room-0228smlB by Lormet-Images Lormet-Antique-Room-0228smlB :iconlormet-images:Lormet-Images 192 19 Lormet-Antique-Room-0289D-sml by Lormet-Images Lormet-Antique-Room-0289D-sml :iconlormet-images:Lormet-Images 1,569 116 Commission - Fire Dragon Tattoo Studio vol3 by 89Red Commission - Fire Dragon Tattoo Studio vol3 :icon89red:89Red 117 7 Statist And Anarchist #026: Lemonade Stands by BlameThe1st Statist And Anarchist #026: Lemonade Stands :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 13 19 Statist And Anarchist #027: Trains by BlameThe1st Statist And Anarchist #027: Trains :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 25 32 Andrea Doria - sinking by MJBTB-3 Andrea Doria - sinking :iconmjbtb-3:MJBTB-3 13 8 '...Only Love Can Preserve My Legacy...' by RMS-OLYMPIC '...Only Love Can Preserve My Legacy...' :iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 33 18 Statist And Anarchist #024: Obamacare by BlameThe1st Statist And Anarchist #024: Obamacare :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 23 17 ~Colin's Fleet~ Ships of Legend by ColinTheP6M ~Colin's Fleet~ Ships of Legend :iconcolinthep6m:ColinTheP6M 18 10 Earth's Engine Exposed by priteeboy Earth's Engine Exposed :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 22,419 2,079


Everything was very good here. The vision and the angle you used this at was perfect to show the sinking. I really liked the detail and...


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